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Spiritually Focused Therapy

Spiritually focused therapy acknowledges that we are spiritual as well as physical, emotional and mental beings. It is understood that there is a larger purpose and meaning to life than just the physical life we are leading. Whatever the referring problem, spiritually focused therapy brings in all aspects of self. We refer to wholeness and integration of the self. There is an understanding that we are on a journey to expand our awareness, and to be in the world in a positive and spiritually conscious way.

Spiritually focused therapy does not align with any particular religion or spiritual practice. The goal is to help clients connect with their own inner spiritual resources and their own spiritual path to assist in dealing with their life situations.

Spiritually focused therapy may include the learning of techniques, such as breath work, meditation, prayer, and other practices which facilitate connection with one’s spiritual aspect.

Spiritually focused therapy recognizes that all experience can lead to transformation and personal growth. The journey is about uncovering the teachings within our experience. We are not victims of the world, but creators in it. The spiritual journey includes learning how our fears and negativity affect what happens to us. The goal is to learn to align with a loving consciousness, whatever we call it, and to recognize we are part of this creation.

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