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Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Unlike some traditional problem-solving models which focus on deficits and the history of the problem, the Solution-Focused model focuses on times when the problem does NOT occur. The therapist listens for and searches for exceptions to the problem. Exceptions are times in the past and present when things were better in the client’s life. A variety of questions are used to build on these exceptions and elicit client’s strengths, resources and ideas for change. Finding exceptions, strengths and resources help to poke holes in the problem picture. These openings are the beginning of solutions and possibilities. Future oriented questions help clients visualize a solution picture and work towards achievable goals.

Solution-Focused Assumptions about Problems and Change:

  1. Clients have strengths and resources.
  2. Change is constant and inevitable.
  3. It is not always necessary to know the entire history of a problem in order to solve it.
  4. It is not always necessary to know the cause of a problem in order to solve it.
  5. One small change leads to bigger changes.
  6. Rapid change is possible.
  7. Clients are capable of generating solutions that fit their needs.
  8. The role of the professional is to assist in identifying and amplifying change. 

When is Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Appropriate?
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is used extensively with a wide range of problems including children’s problems, adolescents’ problems, addictions, eating disorders, mental health problems, sexual abuse, and school problems.

Like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and other types of therapy, it is based on trust and directed at fostering greater self-awareness, especially personal awareness of one’s strengths and resources.

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