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Relaxation & Stress Management

How do you know if you need help relaxing?

  • Do you feel rushed all the time?
  • Has anyone ever called you “Type A”?
  • Do you feel indecisive?
  • Are you a worrier?
  • Do you exaggerate possible negative outcomes in your mind?
  • Does your body feel tense?
  • Do you have heart palpitations, sweaty palms, a dry mouth, high blood pressure or other anxiety symptoms?
  • Do you suffer from chronic pain or chronic illness?

If you recognize yourself in these symptoms, you could benefit from relaxation training.  It may surprise you to know that your body can actually learn to relax, and when your body relaxes, your mind will relax too.  Another way of saying it is that your mind and body can relax together – a relaxed mind will leave you with a relaxed body, and a relaxed body will leave you with a relaxed mind.

As people practice a relaxation response regularly, the mind and body show noticeable signs of relaxation all the time, not just when doing the training.  Relaxation training involves identifying your stressors, teaching you one or more ways to relax your mind and body, having you practice the relaxation response, and assessing the effect if has on your tense and anxious mind and body.

Ideally, people would deal with stress by eliminating whatever stresses them.  This isn’t always possible in our busy lives, with the multiple demands we face.  Another healthy option is to train your body to be more balanced and increase its resources for dealing with stress through relaxation training.  Contact us for more information.

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