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Integrative Body Psychotherapy

Integrative Body Psychotherapy is a transpersonal therapy involving all aspects of the self: body, emotion, mind and spirit. The goal of therapy is to attain an inner sense of peace and well being. When we are growing children, we learn to block emotions and develop defensive patterns to help us adapt to our particular family and culture. Often these patterns keep us locked in low self-esteem, depression, or addictive patterns that do not allow us a full expression of ourselves. All of our experience is stored in the body memory as well as the mind. Memory and experiences are held in the body by characteristic holding patterns such as the way we clench our jaw, hold tension in our shoulders, or get an upset stomach in certain situations. Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) allows a faster access to the basis for the holding pattern. It allows us to connect with the early experiences that formed the pattern in the first place (regression to childhood memories) and to release the holding pattern.

Integrative Body Psychotherapy can be applied in most therapeutic situations: individual therapy, couple counselling, and therapy for depression, anxiety and addictions. It is effective because it helps us to access the deeper wisdom of the body and the self and reconnects us with our sense of wholeness. By listening to the inner body voice we are able to access the places of injury and the knowledge we need to be well and whole.

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