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Hypnosis refers to the ability we all have to go inward and focus on internal thoughts, images, feelings or memories. We are all capable of accessing altered states, which refer to the depth or level of relaxation. We all experience states of hypnosis in our normal waking lives, for example, when we daydream, or drift away in thought watching a river or stream float by.

Therapeutic hypnosis refers to the ability of the therapist to guide the client into deeper relaxation. Clients then can focus on their own internal images and experience. This helps them tap into their own inner subconscious awareness and meaning. The subconscious mind thinks in terms of metaphors, symbols, feelings and inner knowing or meaning.

Hypnosis is very collaborative with each individual. At Mission Bridge, we ensure that the client feels in control of the process. Helping a client achieve a hypnotic state makes them more open to positive suggestions, inner confidence and healthy personal resolve.

Most people can enter a state of hypnosis. There are some exceptions. Hypnosis can help with relaxation, combat stress and reduce anxiety. It can be used to change unproductive habits, and explore and heal past traumatic experience.

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