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Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy are two terms that overlap, but also can be used to distinguish different approaches to therapy. In both counselling and psychotherapy, the psychologist reviews factors related to the issues that bring clients into therapy. The client’s present situation and history are reviewed. The goal of therapy, or what the client wants to get out of therapy, is identified.

Counselling focuses more on problem solving and developing a plan or strategy for dealing with the life circumstance. Psychotherapy includes counselling, but usually refers to working more deeply with complex problems, such as deeply entrenched anxiety and depression problems, or family of origin issues.

Counselling and psychotherapy work, in part, because it is useful to talk to someone outside the situation who is objective, and who can help provide perspective on human dilemmas. The psychologist is also able to help clients understand their emotions and behaviour, and the interpersonal dynamics that make life challenging. Further, clients with clinical conditions will require thorough assessment and specialized intervention through techniques that our registered psychologists are highly trained to provide. Every person and every situation is unique. At Mission Bridge we work with our clients to find solutions and treatments that are beneficial to each individual.

Psychological Services
Mission Bridge Psychological Services

The partners at Mission Bridge Psychological Associates provide a comprehensive range of psychological services to individuals, couples, adolescents, and families. Together, we bring over 90 years of experience to our clients. Our collaboration both within our partnership and with other community resources increases the depth, range, and quality of our services.

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