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Anger is a normal and necessary emotion.  Anger is a feeling that things are getting out of control and facilitates action to get things back into control.  Anger makes us identify that something is out of balance in our lives.

Healthy anger refers to the ability to recognize that something is wrong, identify the problem, communicate with those involved, and find a mutually beneficial solution.

Unhealthy anger refers to either excessive aggression or conflict avoidance.  Aggressive anger can harm and injure others, and therefore does not re-establish balance, but rather creates more imbalances.  Conflict avoidance means that problems do not get addressed and solved, again creating more imbalance.  Conflict avoidance typically involves passive-aggressive behaviour patterns, which can undermine healthy problem solving.  Passive-aggressive behaviour patterns involve expressing anger indirectly, while trying to maintain the appearance of not being angry or aggressive.

Anger therapy includes:

  • Assessment of the circumstances that bring an indivdual to seek therapy.
  • Assessment of the client’s family and developmental history which result in issues with anger. 
  • Review of the degree, intensity, precipitating circumstances and range of behaviour in the expression of anger.

Like all emotions, anger problems are very treatable.  Therapy involves becoming aware of the pattern of anger, understanding the developmental circumstances within which unhealthy anger patterns were developed, and learning new ways of thinking, interpreting and responding to the world.

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