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Sherryl Sproule McLeod, M.Ed., Registered Psychologist

Mission Bridge Psychological Services

Sherryl has been working with children, adolescents and adults for over 30 years. Her experience with children and adolescents has helped her develop wisdom and insight for the trauma and life experiences adults bring to their sessions. Clients have expressed appreciation for Sherryl's calm, patient and caring approach and for the humour and creativity in supporting their journey. Sherryl helps to build resources to use in times of stress and to empower and promote clients' understanding of their strengths.

In addition to her therapeutic work, involving mind/body strategies through Self Regulation Therapy, Sherryl is skilled and experienced in assessment for children, adolescents and adults. She can help bring a practical knowledge and understanding of each person's strengths and challenges in learning (including psychoeducational assessments), work and family environments in addition to practical strategies and recommendations for very complex learning and developmental needs.

Personal Growth Relationships Assessment

  • Chronic Pain Parenting/step parenting Cognitive
  • Trauma Family issues Achievement
  • Anxiety Friendship issues Behaviour
  • Depression Workplace stressors Social/emotional
  • Grief and Loss School difficulties Developmental
  • Autism/Aspergers in Children and Adults
  • Anger ADD, ADHD
  • Stress Autism spectrum
  • Self-Esteem
  • Communication
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Women's Issues
  • Attention Problems

E-mail address: s.d.mcleod@shaw.ca

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